Migrant women chat

Meetings with migrant women with lived experience. Having conversations and building a guide. Thanks for sharing your experiences and advice.

Potluck dinner

A potluck dinner to bring folks from different backgrounds, share a varied meal and get to know each other. Celebrating multiculturalism in Aotearoa New Zealand.

World refugee day

Attended World Refugee Day Festival in Wellington to honour the resilience of refugees and former refugees. Considered ways of collaboration with other migrants.

Tech volunteer

Met up with a tech volunteer and started building an anti work exploitation app. We want to keep collaborating with others and making open source tech for good.

Card and flyer

Our new card-flyers are ready. We hope this is a concise and helpful resource to introduce people into our work and get more people interested in helping migrants.

Te Tiriti workshop

Attended Understanding Te Tiriti workshop to gain a better understanding of one of the founding documents of our new country, why it matters and the impact of colonisation.

Thank you cards

We've been busy collaborating and wanted to thank the wonderful folks who assist us in our work and give support and encouragement. Tēnā koe!

Advisors meeting

Our first meeting with people interested in taking a more active role in support, governance and steering of the organisation. Hoping to get another trustee soon.

Designing for good

Collaborated with great folks for Designing for good 2021. If we are successful, we would have funding for our migrant women online guide.