About us

We are run by a team of volunteers eager to help migrants.


(Trustee) Carolina Flora Diaz is a Designer from Argentina. Migrant to Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. She wants to help other migrant women. She believes being far from your comfort zone, family, friends, food and culture of origin can be transformed from a bubble of tears to a trampoline of good for everyone.


(Trustee) Andrés Proaño Valencia is a software developer from Latin America. His career protected him from many of the challenges and unfair treatments migrants go through, and he wants to use his privilege to help others weather crises better and improve migrant's rights, work against discrimination and work exploitation.


(Advisor) Vinay Karanam is a mechanical engineer, who has worked on R&D in renewable energy. He has earned multiple doctoral degrees. On Feb 2020, he moved to NZ and has been working as project manager for a Google funded project and can help other migrants into the engineering industry.


(Advisor) Nicola Rankin is a software developer with 15+ years experience, with a passion for agile methodology. She loves solving problems and making a real difference when helping organisations. She currently helps with task and project management of our various programs.