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We are always looking to collaborate with other organisations and individuals aligned with our goals and programs. Email us at, join our mailing list or follow our social media accounts.

We have ongoing projects where we need specific roles. Read more about them below and see if you can help. Thanks!

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Migrant women with lived experience

We are creating a guide and app to help recent migrant women and provide one-on-one orientation chats. If you are a creative and empathetic person who want to help migrant women thrive in this country, we could use your help.


An organisation with ambitious projects and many ideas needs resources to run properly. We appreciate any person who can help us secure funding via grants or crowdfunding. We have low overhead and put most of our money into our work.


Our migrant women and employer watch apps need a good user interface. We want to produce video and digital graphics to promote what we do. Your creative skills in media and design are valued.

Junior developers

We are building an online resource against work exploitation and need all the tech and data help possible. If you can help with Javascript coding or data gathering for a few hours a week, you will be of great assistance. We work remotely and will open source the project.

Te Tiriti and tikanga educators

Having an understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Māori customs is an important to establish good relationships with Tangata Whenua and support decolonisation. If you can help with this, we will appreciate it immensely.

Health professionals

Our migrant women program will host events with women's health related topics. Any professional with skills in that will be doing great work supporting and guiding them. We would love to collaborate with counsellors, psychologists, nurses, etc.