About the initiative

Migrants are vulnerable to work exploitation. Even in relatively well paid positions, there is often pressure to work many hours, thus reducing their effective salary. Combined with the promise of a work visa or the threat of losing a visa, employers create environments where overwork, underpayment and pressure are commonplace.

Government agencies tasked to handle this exploitation are not doing enough to significantly reduce this problem. A direct way to deter potential exploiters and protect migrant workers is to expose exploitative and abusive employers.

We are building a website and an app where complaints can be left anonymously and read by prospective employees. It will also be used to map where exploitation or abuse happens. We want to work with activists on the ground who know of these cases to provide more information. Privacy will be protected and the data collected will be made available for use by other organisations in the struggle for workers rights.

How can you help

This is managed by Andrés, an experienced developer, so you will always have help and get hands on digital and IT learning. If this sounds good, get in touch and we'll organise a meeting.