We are creating a network of people across Aotearoa New Zealand who can host vulnerable migrants free of charge. While the network grows, we may be able to pay for up to one week of emergency housing across the country.

Emergency housing

We aim to act fast when we receive a request for help; finding a hostel or similar accommodation near the migrant. We keep in touch and point them to other forms of nearby help.

If you are in need of this, text us at 028 427 9253.

Housing network

Our aim is to provide temporary stability in stressful or emergency situations (being exploited at work, separation, financial issues, etc) for migrants who are not eligible for government help.

We depend on the host's goodwill to accommodate migrants and foster a supportive relationship based on mutual respect and reasonable rules. We are inclusive of any migrant in need and ask our hosts to also be inclusive. We'll keep in touch with the migrant and point them to other forms of support available and help them transition to their own accommodation. Contact us if you would like to become a host.